Friday, December 3, 2010

DIY Cleaning Your Jewelry Pieces

You'll need baking soda, alluminum tray,  and hot boiling water



Baking Soda and Small Trays


I've worked for so many years in the industry, and everyday people ask me if the jewelry will tarnish?
Well,  to educate all of us out there if silver doesn't tarnish it's not silver. Gold also tarnishes it's a chemical reaction that occurs when expose the metal to oxygen and the humidity were you store your jewel.
I always advise to my clients to store their investment in a plastic bag that I provide for them,  but you can store them in your everyday zip lock bag. With each jewelry purchase from us you also get a silk bag for storage apart from being a cute addition it can also prevents any damage to you lovely jewelry.
So that said.   I am going to let you on a trick to clean your jewels. As we wear them our body oils help them tarnish also, so it's good that once a month you take all of your silver and gold (not costume of gold plate I will give you another tip on those on another post). and clean them.

 You will need a aluminium tray a baking soda and hot boiling water. First dip your jewels in the hot water dry them and later put them on the tray.  Sprinkle baking soda over them, and when your boiling water is ready just pour it onto the tray. You will notice a rotten smell that is sulfur, it's a good sign. This means that its working.  Then rinse the jewelry with some warm water and regular dish washing soap.
Put them on a towel to dry, And Voila!
They're ready to go out to your next event. If you have any question or just to tell us your experience please write to
So be Fabulous!
X0X0 Fevi Reyes
P.D. For Extra Shine you can polish them with a jewelry cleaning cloth we also can provide those for you. You can find them on our site.


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