Monday, December 31, 2012

Many Blessings!

Be safe! Dont drink and drive.
Please don't shoot your gun into the sky, if you didn't know the bullet comes back down! It will hurt people!
Much love Fevi Reyes

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Mimosa Boutique Host's Fevi Reyes

Mimosa boutique is coveted boutique in Fort Lauderdale. His Owner Blake Lyon will be hosting a Trunk Show for my line Saturday Dec 8th 2012. I hope to see you all there from 4pm till 8 pm .

Mimosa Boutique 3332 Northeast 33rd Street, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Fevi Reyes And Mare Dolce At Lincoln Road

Fevi Reyes and Mare Dolce
Every other Sunday we've been invited to show at Lincoln Road Mall in Miami Beach. The market is an exclusive Antique and Designer activity where we have an opportunity to show our vintage inspired and recycled jewelry and Mare Dolce's unique vintage fabric Resort Wear collections. For more information on dates please feel free to email us at

Sunday, October 21, 2012

My New Workout!

1. Good cardio workout:
Ballet is one of the best cardio workouts. Further it also actively exercises all our body muscles helping to burn fat and helps develop a sleek physique. So looking at shedding those extra pounds, how about this fun way to do it?
2. Good posture:
One of the greatest benefits of ballet is the wonders it does to our posture. Good posture is essential for both, good health and good looks. The basic requirement of ballet is a neutral stance, which in simple terms refers to a straight spine and hips that are parallel on both sides. Regular practice of ballet ensures that this stance or good posture spills over into our day-to-day life, ensuring good health and good looks. Also ballet training includes exercises that are meant to develop one’s poise and grace. These will further enhance our body awareness and contribute towards our good looks and health.
3. Enhances flexibility:
Practicing ballet enhances our flexibility. In fact, ballet works even those muscles that are ignored by most other sports activities. Thus, ballet is capable of giving a whole body workout that flexes all our muscles ensuring total flexibility. Flexibility is the key to a lot of other physical activities and workouts.
4. Improves mental fitness:

Ballet harnesses a lot of brain power. Regular practice of ballet has shown to prevent illnesses like Alzheimer and dementia. Ballet has also shown to improve mathematical skills. Ballet helps to boost your brain as the practice of this dance form requires you to learn dance moves, remember them correctly, and make calculations to fit them properly with the rhythm and music. Studies have shown that all parts of the brain are utilized in the practice of this dance form. The left brain for the logic's of step combinations, the right brain for interpreting the music and making artistic expressions, the upper rear part for interpreting spatial inter-relations, and the lower part for memorizing the steps.
5. Great stress buster:
All exercises release endorphin's into the brain and ballet is no exception. These feel-good chemicals help to relieve stress and aid relaxing of our mind and body. Ballet teaches us to concentrate on each and every movement performed by the body. This concentration acts as a self-healing activity that helps relieve mental tension.
6. Outlet for creativity:
Although regular practice of ballet gives good exercise to our mind and body, the fact remains that it is a dance form. Therefore, this activity acts as a means of creative expression that acts as a therapy for both mind and body.

Thus, ballet can be considered a very good art form that gives an outlet for our creative expressions, at the same time ensuring fitness of body and mind.

Camille Berrios Amadeo is a Certified Classical Ballet Instructor will be offering Ballet Cardio Workouts.

 I am getting in shape this year with these amazing 1 hour sessions.
 For more info email 

Blogs That I Love.

Vintage Book Displays

I am always surfing the web for DIY Sites to find inexpensive ways to remake things that are not in use anymore in my house or to re-invent a piece of furniture, or add a touch of glam to my home. 

 One of the site I am currently obsessed with is Apartment Therapy they have every DIY imaginable as well as current ideas for decorating your space.  I found this Vintage book display Idea for shoes I thought it was worth posting. I can even display my jewelry like this when we go to Trade Shoes or have Pop Up store activities. Hope you enjoy this site as much as I do every week.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tightly Bonded!!! Warning It's A Bit Sexy!

When designing jewelry I am inspired by a woman's femininity and sensuality.  I love to use ancient metalworking techniques I've learned over the years.  Always incorporating my historian background and my everyday life.  This gives my designs a special character and individuality  My brother has been in Japan for the last three years as I became curious with Japanese culture and reading about it last year when I was planning the collection. The world became obsessed  with "Fifty Shades of Grey" and totally by chance my collection was ready to be revealed.  I was ecstatic by the fact that people would finally understand where I was coming from and be able to see the beauty in this art.  I was fusing the erotic art of bondage into feminine yet very  powerful jewelry pieces. 

The Collection was very inspired by the art of Kinbaku-bi which means  " the beauty of tight biding." or better known since the 90's as Shibari (meaning to tie or to bind).  Shibari is a Japanese style of bondage or BDSM which involves tying up a person with simple yet intricate patterns using rope hemp or linen. The allusion is to retrain the captive (submissive, person who relinquishes their control voluntary for the outcome of pleasure).  I used metal, leather, rope-like chains and stones to presume my design perspective into my jewelry pieces. As well as shaping the pieces in curvaceous shapes to emulate the shape of the human body.

The Collection is available by special order to the public.  For wholesale inquiries contact us at 
                                                                        Link Credit

The Pieces

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Addicted to "Fifty"

Wow! I've been so busy, haven't had the time to tell you all what I've been up to. First let me tell you all that I took some time to rest, relax and reboot.  So on my vacations I decided I had to read this book everybody I knew was raving about. Let me tell you that I fell in love with Mr. Christian Gray. So, I read all the trilogy in almost a month. Then I felt the need or I could say I had "fifty shades" of withdrawal.  I went on my search for more books with the same theme. I was craving the love story but also the erotic relationship that Anastasia and Christian had. I found this awesome book called Bared To You by author Silvia Day. 
I was ecstatic  this book was better written and had a storyline full of suspense and romance that I couldn't put it down. The relationship between Eva and billionaire business mogul Gideon Cross is of controlling and obsessive desires for one another. If you need you dose this is the next book to read. I highly recommend that you also check more of Sylvia Day her books are amazing.  I was so moved by all these books I made a some jewelry inspired by the book.

Available upon request or go to at our shop fevi reyes shop at etsy or

Hope you all enjoy. Keep you posted on more piece inspired by the book.

 Look for Tightly Bonded Collection soon in stores.

 For wholesale inquiries please send us  a email to 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Fevi Reyes Designs @ District Factory

We are delighted to be one if the exhibitors at this new and fashionable venue. We haven't done this kind of event for some time. After we opened our showroom it has been a bit hectic, with the wholesale part of our business. We also decided to be more exclusive when it came to retailing at shows. But this is a amazing and well organized event and we thought it was a great fit for our clientele who is very demanding and have a deep love for the arts. The activity opens at 7pm at the very hip Wynwood neighborhood in Midtown Miami is the place where emerging artists and well known designers meet and support the art and fashion. So we invite you get out and about with us at the District Factory this Saturday night. Local Dj's spinning to the latest tunes and adult refreshments will be served. As well as our fabulous jewels and accessories. For more info visit

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fashion Bloggers Night Out

Last week at Neiman Marcus in Merrick Park Village we enjoyed a fabulous panel of the most popular fashion bloggers in Miami. I went with my good friend Carlos Matta a lifestyle designer and had a blast! Finally I met Annie Vazquez, the fashion poet I say finally cause we met through the web and she happens to be my first Instagram friend and follower. Her blog is very informative on everything fashion. Check her out! Also, Electric blogarella OMG! I fell in love with her personal style so fierce. We saw a lot of interesting people. Here are some of the highlights

Saturday, March 24, 2012

So into and now Photography

I know it's been a bit hard to keep up my blog. Since I got the app. I've  been posting pictures and my adventures there. But I'll try harder to keep you all posted.

 I've been working a lot on different things. My showroom is getting another face lift.
 Since I am there so much I have the urge to reinvent it so I can keep inspired.

 As well have been taking some photography courses since last year (a area I always wanted to explore but never had the time to)    

 Now that my kids are older and more independent I can do this. Like if I didn't do enough.

Here are some pics I took two weeks ago for a friend who owns Urban Glam a very trendy Salon in Fort Lauderdale.
 Neil Cortese a master stylist did the hair and Alexis Luciano made the fabulous make up.

The models are Jessica and Xiomara they work for a agency called Models Krew own by another of my good friends and client Eledys Rivas. I wanted to thank you all for always believing in me, with out the constant support of these wonderful people I will not be.

 Hope you enjoy!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy New Year Everybody!

Honestly I can't believe December just flew by! I didn't have time to post no even from my I phone. But one of my resolutions this year is to document more. I wanted o share this app called I am so in love with. Here you can make a comment post a picture and add to the a fun filter and share to anyone that follows. Above are of the fab pictures I've been sharing. So to check out what i wrote about them and where are they taken go to your app and look for fevireyes. Yep! that's me.
 Keep it Fabulous!