Friday, May 11, 2012

Fevi Reyes Designs @ District Factory

We are delighted to be one if the exhibitors at this new and fashionable venue. We haven't done this kind of event for some time. After we opened our showroom it has been a bit hectic, with the wholesale part of our business. We also decided to be more exclusive when it came to retailing at shows. But this is a amazing and well organized event and we thought it was a great fit for our clientele who is very demanding and have a deep love for the arts. The activity opens at 7pm at the very hip Wynwood neighborhood in Midtown Miami is the place where emerging artists and well known designers meet and support the art and fashion. So we invite you get out and about with us at the District Factory this Saturday night. Local Dj's spinning to the latest tunes and adult refreshments will be served. As well as our fabulous jewels and accessories. For more info visit

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fashion Bloggers Night Out

Last week at Neiman Marcus in Merrick Park Village we enjoyed a fabulous panel of the most popular fashion bloggers in Miami. I went with my good friend Carlos Matta a lifestyle designer and had a blast! Finally I met Annie Vazquez, the fashion poet I say finally cause we met through the web and she happens to be my first Instagram friend and follower. Her blog is very informative on everything fashion. Check her out! Also, Electric blogarella OMG! I fell in love with her personal style so fierce. We saw a lot of interesting people. Here are some of the highlights