Friday, July 30, 2010

Fashionistas Out and About Wearing Fevi Reyes

I always enjoy when beautiful women send me pictures of them wearing my jewelry. Here is Sheila a very tanlented musician and TV producer and my best friend Blanca having a blast aroung Miami. Offcourse with the Sparkling Lotus Rings.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

As Seen in Life and Styles Magazine

Kate Gosselin is looking good here wearing Fevi Reyes "plaza earrings" At her book signing in LA.

Her fashion consultant tells us she love our jewelry.We have more pics let know when they arrive.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Simple Vanity Project.

Some time ago... Tom Ford left the House of Gucci and YSL and I thought, What? He left these house in the peek of his career and his most acclaimed collections. He said he was retiring to pursue other interests. Like film. Well a few months ago I got to watch A Single Man witch he directed/produce/wrote. This film was his directorial day view. I was so exited!! I wanted to see Beautiful Men √ Amazing Fashion √ and very creative point of view expressed by costumes √ . I got all of the above except Julianne Moore in Green.( ( I love her in green) Any way to my surprise I am in a hunt for a Vanity just like her character has on the movie So I've employed the Fab Services of Carlos Matta Lifestyle Designer/ Realtor/ Broker apart that Mr. Matta's style is so Tom Ford he is the man for the job! So am diying for the Moroccan mirror, I kill for the chair and the lounge chair on the side, The lamps will take me a few trips to some posh store and antique store renovations ect... etc... So people help me make this true suggest places I can look for these pieces and I will promise a full report and a little bit more on Carlos Matta
Ciao for now!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Artist.

Mirsonia Wearing "The Lucky Star" Necklace

Mirsonia is a very sensitive woman and she puts all this sensitivity into marvellous work of art.Off course she is a Libra and Libra's appreciate beauty in all things around they value and admires beauty in a person, art, music. So is no coincidence that she is a very passionate about her work. This girl seems to dream in color her paintings are very dramatic and could lighten up any room. She is another good friend and client. She was one of the first to spot the magic of the "Lucky Star" She tells me she never takes it off, because once she put it on, magical things started o happen in her life. You can buy her paintings or get more information on how to get them at

Friday, July 23, 2010

Fevi Reyes Jewelry Featured on Bella

I am so exited! These three piece have been featured on
Thanks to Press on the links so you can view our reviews or make your own on Bella Sugar. As well you can go to Max and Chloe to purchase them. Stay Fab! Love ya!

The Skinny Bitch!

The Drink Du Week-end
The Skinny Bitch!

The Skinny Girls Margarita
The Real Housewives of New York’s Bethany Frankel (pictured 1st from left to right) is offering her Girls a Margarita recipe which was featured on the show recently. A typical Margarita has about 740 calories, we’re not sure how many calories the Skinny Girl Margarita has, but it’s probably significantly less since there’s no added sugar or salt. She called it the Skinny Bitch!

I like this cocktail on a Martini Glass Straight Up

What you’ll need:

* 2 oz of clear Tequila (100% agave, Patron Silver)
* (count 1, 2 while you pour, no need for measuring)
* A splash of fresh lime juice
* A splash of Cointreau, Grand Marnier or Triple Sec

Combine all ingredients in a shaker with ice and strain the drink into a Martini glass.

Garnish with a lime wedge and salt (or sugar) if you’d like.

Makes one serving

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Beauty Queen Guru.

Eledy Rivas wearing Fevi Reyes Sparkling Lotus and Juan Colon Dress

Ele on her Birthday

Eledy Rivas in the middle with her proteges

Eledy Rivas is a model turned entrepreneur, she owns a coveted agency modeling called Models Krew dedicated to spot pageantry and modeling talent in Puerto Rico. Pageants in Puerto Rico are very important they can launch a very lucrative career for a model. Eledy has a keen eye for this. She been a in the industry for some time now and preparing girls for Miss Universe Puerto Rico. She is the it Coach. Eledys turns a ugly duckling into beautiful refined swan. Make Overs are her specialty from makeup, posture, etiquette, diction, to runway walk you name it she trains them. Eledy is also a good friend and a great supporter of my line. Here are some photos of her with my Sparkling Lotus Necklace. She tell me she can't leave home with out it! LOL!

For any information on any of our pst please email us at

I Want Rush!

This bag is my must have this season. I am loving the metallics for fall and the placing off the zippers. Also I'll be giving tribute this fall to the late Alexander McQueen. I am really going to miss his shows.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Braid Game

This morning is my 3rd day of my blowout so I thought It was a good day for a braid.
Why? Well, Up dos are great to do when your hair is a bit, I don't want to say dirty, but is the only word I can use. LOL! Anyway they do last longer and the hair is easier to manage.
Braids are spectacular, anyway you look at it, to dress up your locks, especially, if you feel your hair is a bit dirty. You can fishtail, regular or french braid it. Do all your hair, pieces around your face, or one on the side. The combinations and possibilities are endless. With the resurgence of Boho-chic, messy is good, so don’t be scared to try it for the first time.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Around the World with Tracy Yapp

Tracy Yapp in Chicago wearing Sparkling Lotus Ring

Tracy in Aria Hotel Vegas and Fevi Reyes Sparkling Lotus Ring

Tracy is one of my dearest long time friends. She is the official Fevi Reyes Designs photographer. I love and admire her work very much, and our work chemistry is amazing is like we read each others mind when we are creating. She travels around the world making portraits of fabulous people. And I love that she started shooting a picture of one of the pieces that she owns from our collection everywhere she stays.

Fashionistas wearing Fevi Reyes

Here is the Fabulous Maria Jose Savarit, wearing Fevi Reyes Sparkling Lotus earrings. She says these earrings have brought her luck. I love her sexy bohemian style. Here she is in Puerto Rico enjoying the sun and the FIFA games.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fab Fashion Inspiration

Leslia Wearing Fevi Reyes "Leslia"Earrings

Ms Leslia Daniels is one of my dearest friends and supporters. For my first fine jewelry collection, Discoteca, I was very much inspired by her style. Leslia's style is Subversive Chic. She takes what is happening now on the streets a little bit of 90's minimalism then she adds some punk pieces incorporates it with some classic Audrey Hepburn ballerina flats and Voila! There it is. She has the eye to spot trends and spot talent.Here she is with wearrring some erring inspired by her. Leslia lives with her family in NYC and owns a Public Relations firm that promotes emerging fashion talent and artists.
Ambience PR

Friday, July 16, 2010

Hair Guru

His Work

For years I've been trying to let my hair grow. But not till I met Jose Acebal from Paolo Salon in Downtown Miami this has been possible. Apart from being a beautiful human being, I also find him handsome and very sexy! But he has given me the best advise and care for my hair. So if your ever in town and need a good blow out, color and tender loving hand for your hair. Don't hesitate to go by Paolo's Studio in Downtown Miami.

The Viking in Miami

Well as you all know I am a Truebloodholic. We just got in this amazing knuckle ring inspired by Viking Armor. And My Girl Blanca decided she needed one rush!!! available by special order due to size so email us @ for pre-orders

Dark Couture

Riccardo Tisci's name never makes it onto that list, his latest Couture collection for Givenchy proved that he shares the grandmasters' fanatical devotion to realizing an intensely personal vision through cut, cloth, and, in Tisci's case, extraordinarily elaborate ornamentation,inspired by the inside of the body. Yes bones. The collection called Bone Collector being one of our favorites to date. Beautiful Chantilly lace where the pattern of the lace had been duplicated in appliqu├ęd leather and ostrich feathers just amazing. Proving that the Gore and Darkness is in the air.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fashionistas wearing Fevi Reyes

My friend Blanca is one of the most fashionable people I know. Her style is Girly Glam with a splash of everything else! I like the way she accessories her outfits, and make my jewels different every time. Here are some of my favorite looks.The necklace has a cool feature, the bail can open and close so you can put it on your favorite pearl or turquoise necklace and update the style according to the seasons. You can find the necklace at and

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Nina Garcia for baby #2

Nina Garcia wearing Fevi Reyes Ring

Fashionista Nina Garcia is pregnant at 45 with her second child! That should be considered a congratulatory feat by itself. However, Nina Garcia isn't taking time to sniff the roses, instead, she's continuing on as a judge on her show Project Runway and rolling out a new book, Nina Garcia's Look Book: What to Wear For Every Occasion slated for release on Aug. 10th. She even Tweeted the news about her baby to all her Project Runway tweeps on Twitter 'I'm so excited', she told fans - and we are too.

Monday, July 5, 2010


My Girl Blanca introduced me to Henri Bendel Pomagranate Candles. OMG! They are To Die For! The are amazing and you can smell the candle through out the house. These are my fav's to date Just got more friends hooked on them.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Products I Can't Live With Out 2010

Besides being a jewelry designer, fashion lover, and Vamp fanatic. I love beauty products. So my Girls encourage me to write a little bit more about the products I use since I am the one who always tries them all. These are my 3 favorite for the moment. My hair is naturally curly though I love my curls, right now I am in a straight hair phase. But the humidity in Florida doesn't really help. The other day at the Salon where I get my hair done my fab hair stylist introduced me to Moroccan Oil. OMG! I love it!!! My hair dries faster, and no fizz! And sweetie I've tried them all! My second is Dior's Show mascara. I like that it lengthens my eye lashes to the max it's waterproof if you cry. But easy to take off with makeup remover. So it's good for those of us who don't want any wrinkles after 30! Anyway my last fave is Lip Venom I discovered this product about 7 years ago and introduced it at my then store Cosmetic Cafe. This product is one of the first natural lip plumper's, its smell great and adds this sultry kissable lip, that many won't forget.

Dancing with the Stars @ Fevi Reyes Gifting Suite

As you can see Shannen Doherty went by Kate Gossling wearing Fevi Reyes, Melissa Rycroft, Host Brooke Burke, and 2 time champion Dancer Cheryl Burke. Stay tune there is more...

I am Back... Some pic of DWST

I know I know I ve been super busy. That I haven't had a chance to updated you what's going on on my neck of the woods. First like to update you on all the celebs wearing Fevi Reyes. First Evan Lysacek(wearing Haiti Charity bracelets) Olympic gold medalist , Anna Trebunskaya( loving the gold Sparkling Lotus studs) Niecy Nash (showing le poisson earrings) a and last years winners Donny Osmond an Kym JonhsonThese picture were taken at the Dancing with the stars Gifting Louge Provided by Gifting Services.
Check out all the pics.