Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Trying to make it easier

Thank you all for your interest in my blog and my brand. I am very happy that you are all so interested in learning more about me my jewelry and off course the people that make everything possible for me. The fabulous Fevi Reyes clients. So by your request I am adding more share buttons so it can be easier to share my posts. Also you can always email me @ You can find my jewelry @ and  It is always a pleasure for me to listen to your recommendations. My return policy is very fare. If you don't like it return it with in 30 days. I am only going to accept unworn jewelry in original packaging. Unfortunately shipping charges can't be returned I am sorry but I can't make exceptions to this policy. But I'll personally make sure that you are happy with our product. You will always receive the best customer service and best quality products. Ok DWT!  On another note I will publish some new pictures on my next post. Always Fun. Flirty and Fabulous!

 Fevi :o)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Marchesa is Realeza

This Duo's designs were literally breathtaking all exquisitely wrought this season with orientalist-inspired details: heavily bejeweled necklines, hand-painted florals on rolling sculptural drapes, and grand obilike loops. Geogina Chapman and Karen Craig knock me out every time. This collection was my favorite. With out a doubt. I want them all!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

My NY Spring 2011 Picks, Marc Jacobs


I love, love, love! Mr Jacobs. He is so I don't give a %$#@! I am going to smoke and tell my story. Cloths are just cloths. Love it! The 70's reference was beautifully made I am so in love with the big hats, I used them for a client's shoot about three weeks ago. I love the colors and I can see myself wearing everything.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Exclusive, Q & A with Project Runway's Casanova. Exaaaaactly!...


Casanova  NYC Fashion Week  S/S2010
Casanova comes from the beautiful Island of Puerto Rico. I met him around 1998. Back in my home town of Luquillo. He is from the next municipality the city of Fajardo. He has a very contagious personality and he is very nice guy. I got in touch with him a few days before NYC Fashion Week and he was still in the competition. Here is what he had to say.

FR. Who is the women you design for?

C. I design for the tough woman. Women with self confidence, can take decision right away and no fear in life!

FR.Who are some of your favorite designers?

C.My lover, John Galliano
FR.Where can readers buy your clothes?

C. Right now Im working on my web page, may be next month will be able @
FR. How long have you worked as a designer?
C.  Approx 11 years in Puerto Rico, and very pretty virgin here in NY
FR. Have you worked for other design firms?

C. Not yet!
FR. What are some of your favorite clothing stores/catalogs/websites?

C. I love shopping, no the matter place!
FR. Do you consider yourself an artist?
C. TOTALLY, I consider my self as a full artist and then as a designer!

FR. Has your design aesthetic changed during the show?  

C. A lot, I consider my self more dramatic, but after the first challenge I decided to play safe, and that was not a nice strategy!
FR. How has Project Runway affected your life?

C. Affected???? in the positive way 100%
FR. How many meetings did you have with the producers of the program before you got picked?
C.Two in person and few by phone!
FR.Did you make any friends on the show?
C.Yeahhhhh, many! I have to say that I really want to keep communication with: A.J., Gretchen, Sarah, Michael D, Ivy and many others.
FR. Is there a designer on the show that you like their work?

C. Ivy's work its amazing and impeccable, Mondo it's a great tailor, sometime I love Gretchent's looks and
Michael D. knitting techniques drives me crazzzzzzzy, loved! 'Im looking to go St. louis, Michael's D's  place to learn how to make sweaters and knit. He's knitting work is amazing.
FR.Who do you think is you biggest competitor on the show?

C.Andy, he is fast, creative, dramatic and his execution it's impeccable
FR. How are your friends reacting to your appearance on the show? 

C. Awwwww I have to say that I never expected that all of them would feel so proud of me, I was pretty
embarrassed about my broken english and what people can say! But everyone complements my delivery @ the show.
FR. Have you had any other type of contact (like socializing) with the judges? 

C. Never, only on the runway!
FR. After the show what are your plan with your business?

C. I need to RESSSSSSSSST for a while and then think about it.
FR.What would you do if you win?

C. I will fix my nose, take out my lips silicone and then do fashion business.
FR Are you still suffering the loss of your Dolce & Gabbana pants? What were you thinking
before, when you picked them for the challenge?

C. I suffer a LOT, but you know what I already bought another pair of same Dolce & Gabbana! YEAHHH
FR. Other media outlets say that you bring drama to the show? What do you think?

C.Could be, I have to say that Im a very "intense" guy, and media and people are free to
express what they think about me! thats OK.
FR. Who have been your biggest supporters, before the show?

C. ( Puerto Rico) I have not been in Puerto Rico after the show aired yet, but here in NY people recognized
me a lot! Pretty amazing how many people say "HI" to me while run in the morning in neighborhood in Astoria
FR. Do you Google your name?
C.Yes I did, pretty funny!
FR. Any last words?

C.Well, I have to say thanks to many important people in Puerto Rico that
discover my self as a potential TV character. First of all , Berty Lozada, of
course my mentor Carlota Alfaro, special friends as Rosaly Rodriguez,
Wichy, Rey Ortiz and many others. And THANKS NEW YORK for giving
me the most exiting welcome since I get here.

The End!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Fish Hotel or a Condo?

The Fish Hotel
I just had to tell you all about my fab fish hotel. My dear friend Tracy got one and I wanted one too. My kids had so much fun with putting it together and it goes so well with my home decor. The fish bowl is exactly one gallon but here I am displaying two of them stacked together. My eldest son named his fish Oscar, and youngest named his Swimmy. So cute!

This design is by Teddy Luong for Umbra, he  is a student at Carlton University's School of Industrial Design, this design won the Canadian build a better competition. Now I own one too,. You can find it at Unica Home

Monday, September 13, 2010

AJ Thouvenot Project Runway Season 8 Exclusive Fevi Blog's Interview.

Aj's Line Trashbiscuit
Aj Thouvenot

FB. Tell me a little about yourself. Where are you from? What's your educational background? What are your general professional and non-professional interests

AJ.I am 26 years old and from Saint Charles Missouri. I have a BFA in Fashion Design from Lindenwood University. I also did internship work under New York fashion label “Heatherette” during the summer of 2007.

My professional interests are mostly design and art related. In addition to fashion design, I also do my own graphic art and interior design. My non-professional interests are all about having fun and enjoying life, friends, family, and good food. Who is the women you design for?

I typically design for younger clients, under 25 years old. More girls than women. I would describe her as fun, quirky, and a little bit on the insane side. What are some of your accomplishments as a designer?

Interning at Heatherette was an amazing experience. Have shown at fashion events across the country, as well as competed in St. Louis, “project design” a showcase for emerging designers 2 years in a row. Who are some of your favorite designers?

My favorite designer of all time is John Galliano. I also love flamboyant and experimental labels like Jeremy Scott, and NYC fashion designers “The Blonds” Where can readers buy your clothes?

FB.  How long have you worked as a designer?

AJ.  I’ve been designing four years now.

FB. Have you worked for other design firms?

Heatherette What are some of your favorite clothing stores/catalogs/websites?

I love shopping vintage and second hand stores. Topshop London is one of my favorite places for fashionable pieces at a great price. Do you consider yourself an artist?

I consider my designs to be more art than fashion. Oftentimes conceptual runway pieces are my favorites.

FB. What's your favorite part about conceptualizing a design?

My favorite part is imagining my muse wearing the design, asking those questions, “who is this person?” and “Where is she going”, that’s my favorite part because it is all about dreaming and using your imagination.

FB.What matters to you most as a fashion designer?

AJ. What matters to me most is that people are excited about my designs. I don’t care if people love it or hate it as long as they have a reaction.

FB. Has your design esthetic changed during the show?

I certainly found a new side to my aesthetic, I wouldn’t say that it has changed, but it is certainly more well rounded than before. The clothes I am making now show much more variety than before. How has Project Runway affected your life?

Project Runway has changed everything. Life now is full of opportunities that only a few months ago would have been impossible.

FB. How many meetings did you have with the producers of the program before you got picked?

AJ. Two actual meetings

FB. Did you make any friends on the show?

Yes, I am very good friends with Casanova, Sarah, Micheal D. and April.

FB. Is there a designer on the show that their work appeals to you?

AJ. I love Casanova’s designs because they are so over the top. I also think that April and Mondo have really fun and exciting work.

FB. Who do you think is you biggest competitor on the show?

AJ. Mondo was definitely competition for me because we both draw inspiration from similar places., and Valerie was someone who made it clear right off the bat that she really wanted to win.

FB. How are your friends reacting to your appearance on the show?

AJ. All of them have been incredibly proud and supportive

FB. Have you had any other type of contact (like socializing) with the judges?

AJ. The only contact I have had was what you see on the show.

FB. After the show what are your plan with your business?

AJ. I am looking to launch an online store, and of course looking to collaborate with other designers.

FB. What would you do if you win?

I’m out now, so I guess I’ll just have to dream about what I would have done. J

FB Do you Google your name?

AJ. Of course, it’s hard to resist

Any last words?

I’m just simply excited and humbled that people enjoy my work. It gives me energy to keep designing.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Jose Jaen At My Workshop

Eat ur Heart Out!  pendant
The Apprentice.

I love when my friend are interested to learn the craft.
Here is Jose learning to polish.
I am so lucky to be visited by my friends from Puerto Rico.

 Jose is a very good friend and fan of my jewelry. So he decided he needed to know how it's done. Ive always love teaching. Before I became a metal smith/jewelry designer. I was a High School History teacher. I love teach is the only way to pass the craft forward and it makes me feel good. As well let my clients and friends know that my work is not just Glitz and Glamour. You really need to get down dirty. I love it!