Saturday, March 24, 2012

So into and now Photography

I know it's been a bit hard to keep up my blog. Since I got the app. I've  been posting pictures and my adventures there. But I'll try harder to keep you all posted.

 I've been working a lot on different things. My showroom is getting another face lift.
 Since I am there so much I have the urge to reinvent it so I can keep inspired.

 As well have been taking some photography courses since last year (a area I always wanted to explore but never had the time to)    

 Now that my kids are older and more independent I can do this. Like if I didn't do enough.

Here are some pics I took two weeks ago for a friend who owns Urban Glam a very trendy Salon in Fort Lauderdale.
 Neil Cortese a master stylist did the hair and Alexis Luciano made the fabulous make up.

The models are Jessica and Xiomara they work for a agency called Models Krew own by another of my good friends and client Eledys Rivas. I wanted to thank you all for always believing in me, with out the constant support of these wonderful people I will not be.

 Hope you enjoy!

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