Saturday, April 18, 2009

What a month!

I am so sorry I haven't been able to post, I 've been very busy with the sales of our Discoteca Collection as well as the marketing and production of the line. Fortunetly my hard work has paid of. First we attended the Miami Fashion Week and met some great people. Later out of nowhere Designer Miriam Cernase of Olivia Lucas, Ask us to provide her with jewelry for her show at Funkshion also one of the hottest fashion venues in South Florida we met Super Model Ivana, and Fernanda they were fantastic. And then fashion stylist and designer Maria Lepe invited us to shoot for Mujer magazine in a luxurious boat.After this I got super sick with bronchitis and my asma attacks came back after 10 years. If that wasn't enough I got bitten by the Twilight Bug and with almost no time in my hands I manage to fall in love with Bella and Eduard Cullen's romance and read all four books in two weeks. We also got featured in a couple of TV show and finally it hit! Luxaholics a celebrity lifestyle seccion for the Extra TV Celebrity News Show featured one of our pieces as an American Idol giveaway. So my life hit the roof, as well as my twitter page. I got hit with the mickey worm so as soon as twitter fixes the problem we will let you know when it's back in business. Ok I've got to go and get myself ready for a affernoon with my kids but here are some awsome pics o our journey. Enjoy!

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