Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Beauty Queen Guru.

Eledy Rivas wearing Fevi Reyes Sparkling Lotus and Juan Colon Dress

Ele on her Birthday

Eledy Rivas in the middle with her proteges

Eledy Rivas is a model turned entrepreneur, she owns a coveted agency modeling called Models Krew dedicated to spot pageantry and modeling talent in Puerto Rico. Pageants in Puerto Rico are very important they can launch a very lucrative career for a model. Eledy has a keen eye for this. She been a in the industry for some time now and preparing girls for Miss Universe Puerto Rico. She is the it Coach. Eledys turns a ugly duckling into beautiful refined swan. Make Overs are her specialty from makeup, posture, etiquette, diction, to runway walk you name it she trains them. Eledy is also a good friend and a great supporter of my line. Here are some photos of her with my Sparkling Lotus Necklace. She tell me she can't leave home with out it! LOL!

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