Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Simple Vanity Project.

Some time ago... Tom Ford left the House of Gucci and YSL and I thought, What? He left these house in the peek of his career and his most acclaimed collections. He said he was retiring to pursue other interests. Like film. Well a few months ago I got to watch A Single Man witch he directed/produce/wrote. This film was his directorial day view. I was so exited!! I wanted to see Beautiful Men √ Amazing Fashion √ and very creative point of view expressed by costumes √ . I got all of the above except Julianne Moore in Green.( ( I love her in green) Any way to my surprise I am in a hunt for a Vanity just like her character has on the movie So I've employed the Fab Services of Carlos Matta Lifestyle Designer/ Realtor/ Broker apart that Mr. Matta's style is so Tom Ford he is the man for the job! So am diying for the Moroccan mirror, I kill for the chair and the lounge chair on the side, The lamps will take me a few trips to some posh store and antique store renovations ect... etc... So people help me make this true suggest places I can look for these pieces and I will promise a full report and a little bit more on Carlos Matta
Ciao for now!

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