Monday, September 20, 2010

Exclusive, Q & A with Project Runway's Casanova. Exaaaaactly!...


Casanova  NYC Fashion Week  S/S2010
Casanova comes from the beautiful Island of Puerto Rico. I met him around 1998. Back in my home town of Luquillo. He is from the next municipality the city of Fajardo. He has a very contagious personality and he is very nice guy. I got in touch with him a few days before NYC Fashion Week and he was still in the competition. Here is what he had to say.

FR. Who is the women you design for?

C. I design for the tough woman. Women with self confidence, can take decision right away and no fear in life!

FR.Who are some of your favorite designers?

C.My lover, John Galliano
FR.Where can readers buy your clothes?

C. Right now Im working on my web page, may be next month will be able @
FR. How long have you worked as a designer?
C.  Approx 11 years in Puerto Rico, and very pretty virgin here in NY
FR. Have you worked for other design firms?

C. Not yet!
FR. What are some of your favorite clothing stores/catalogs/websites?

C. I love shopping, no the matter place!
FR. Do you consider yourself an artist?
C. TOTALLY, I consider my self as a full artist and then as a designer!

FR. Has your design aesthetic changed during the show?  

C. A lot, I consider my self more dramatic, but after the first challenge I decided to play safe, and that was not a nice strategy!
FR. How has Project Runway affected your life?

C. Affected???? in the positive way 100%
FR. How many meetings did you have with the producers of the program before you got picked?
C.Two in person and few by phone!
FR.Did you make any friends on the show?
C.Yeahhhhh, many! I have to say that I really want to keep communication with: A.J., Gretchen, Sarah, Michael D, Ivy and many others.
FR. Is there a designer on the show that you like their work?

C. Ivy's work its amazing and impeccable, Mondo it's a great tailor, sometime I love Gretchent's looks and
Michael D. knitting techniques drives me crazzzzzzzy, loved! 'Im looking to go St. louis, Michael's D's  place to learn how to make sweaters and knit. He's knitting work is amazing.
FR.Who do you think is you biggest competitor on the show?

C.Andy, he is fast, creative, dramatic and his execution it's impeccable
FR. How are your friends reacting to your appearance on the show? 

C. Awwwww I have to say that I never expected that all of them would feel so proud of me, I was pretty
embarrassed about my broken english and what people can say! But everyone complements my delivery @ the show.
FR. Have you had any other type of contact (like socializing) with the judges? 

C. Never, only on the runway!
FR. After the show what are your plan with your business?

C. I need to RESSSSSSSSST for a while and then think about it.
FR.What would you do if you win?

C. I will fix my nose, take out my lips silicone and then do fashion business.
FR Are you still suffering the loss of your Dolce & Gabbana pants? What were you thinking
before, when you picked them for the challenge?

C. I suffer a LOT, but you know what I already bought another pair of same Dolce & Gabbana! YEAHHH
FR. Other media outlets say that you bring drama to the show? What do you think?

C.Could be, I have to say that Im a very "intense" guy, and media and people are free to
express what they think about me! thats OK.
FR. Who have been your biggest supporters, before the show?

C. ( Puerto Rico) I have not been in Puerto Rico after the show aired yet, but here in NY people recognized
me a lot! Pretty amazing how many people say "HI" to me while run in the morning in neighborhood in Astoria
FR. Do you Google your name?
C.Yes I did, pretty funny!
FR. Any last words?

C.Well, I have to say thanks to many important people in Puerto Rico that
discover my self as a potential TV character. First of all , Berty Lozada, of
course my mentor Carlota Alfaro, special friends as Rosaly Rodriguez,
Wichy, Rey Ortiz and many others. And THANKS NEW YORK for giving
me the most exiting welcome since I get here.

The End!

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