Sunday, May 1, 2011

My NYC Trip

The welcome details at Casanova's 
Time Square.  I love this city.

Casanova gave me this gift, I thought it was so cute.
a Pump Heel tape dispenser.

My first coffee in the city.
Never thought I would see snow at the end of March
Her e I am with Victor  he keeps me centered.

Skinny Margaritas 
Mr. Casanova.  I love that he has these poses.

Me, going out for some business meetings.

Me and Casanova @ Bobby Flays Restaurant 

I wanted to share with all you my trip to the Big City of NYC. I went to seal some deals and meet with some buyers for my line. I got to spend my week with these two fabulous men. They made laugh so hard, I even lost my voice. I wasn't prepared for the cold weather but I made it through. We walked we ate he bought materials for our next collections and ate at some wonderful places. I want to thank Casanova for inviting to stay at his home, I was treated like a princess. I also want to than Victor for watching over me and organizing my life and loving me so much. Business is going to be great with you on my team. I love you both and see you soon. 

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