Sunday, October 21, 2012

My New Workout!

1. Good cardio workout:
Ballet is one of the best cardio workouts. Further it also actively exercises all our body muscles helping to burn fat and helps develop a sleek physique. So looking at shedding those extra pounds, how about this fun way to do it?
2. Good posture:
One of the greatest benefits of ballet is the wonders it does to our posture. Good posture is essential for both, good health and good looks. The basic requirement of ballet is a neutral stance, which in simple terms refers to a straight spine and hips that are parallel on both sides. Regular practice of ballet ensures that this stance or good posture spills over into our day-to-day life, ensuring good health and good looks. Also ballet training includes exercises that are meant to develop one’s poise and grace. These will further enhance our body awareness and contribute towards our good looks and health.
3. Enhances flexibility:
Practicing ballet enhances our flexibility. In fact, ballet works even those muscles that are ignored by most other sports activities. Thus, ballet is capable of giving a whole body workout that flexes all our muscles ensuring total flexibility. Flexibility is the key to a lot of other physical activities and workouts.
4. Improves mental fitness:

Ballet harnesses a lot of brain power. Regular practice of ballet has shown to prevent illnesses like Alzheimer and dementia. Ballet has also shown to improve mathematical skills. Ballet helps to boost your brain as the practice of this dance form requires you to learn dance moves, remember them correctly, and make calculations to fit them properly with the rhythm and music. Studies have shown that all parts of the brain are utilized in the practice of this dance form. The left brain for the logic's of step combinations, the right brain for interpreting the music and making artistic expressions, the upper rear part for interpreting spatial inter-relations, and the lower part for memorizing the steps.
5. Great stress buster:
All exercises release endorphin's into the brain and ballet is no exception. These feel-good chemicals help to relieve stress and aid relaxing of our mind and body. Ballet teaches us to concentrate on each and every movement performed by the body. This concentration acts as a self-healing activity that helps relieve mental tension.
6. Outlet for creativity:
Although regular practice of ballet gives good exercise to our mind and body, the fact remains that it is a dance form. Therefore, this activity acts as a means of creative expression that acts as a therapy for both mind and body.

Thus, ballet can be considered a very good art form that gives an outlet for our creative expressions, at the same time ensuring fitness of body and mind.

Camille Berrios Amadeo is a Certified Classical Ballet Instructor will be offering Ballet Cardio Workouts.

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